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いぬのコート Dog Coats




Q1: Who goes for a walk with the dogs every morning?

  • A. The writer's friend

  • B. The writer

  • C. The writer and the friend

  • D. The dogs themselves

Q2: What does the writer wear for the morning walks?

  • A. A stylish coat

  • B. A light jacket

  • C. A warm coat

  • D. A waterproof coat

Q3: Why is the park quiet in the morning?

  • A. Because there are no people

  • B. Because the park is large

  • C. Because it's too cold

  • D. Because the dogs are well-behaved

Q4: What did the writer notice about the dogs in the park?

  • A. The dogs were not wearing any coats

  • B. They were wearing coats but my Uniqlo coat was more fashionable

  • C. Their coats were all the same design

  • D. They were wearing coats that fit their size and shape

Hints for the Quiz




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