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きにいっています I like it!




Question 1

The writer got her hair cut and now it's short. How does she feel about her new hairstyle?

A) She doesn't like it.

B) She is pleased with it.

C) She hasn't noticed any difference.

D) She wants it to be longer.

Question 2

The weather has been nice this week. What did the person wear to match the weather?

A) A simple blue sweater with no decorations.

B) An old sweater with some holes.

C) A spring-like sweater with embroidery of butterflies and flowers.

D) A summer dress with flowery patterns.

Question 3

Who did the embroidery on the sweater?

A) A friend who can upcycle clothes nicely.

B) A friend who sometimes gives clothes to the writer.

C) A friend who damaged the sweater.

D) The writer bought it like that.

Hints for the Quiz




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