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まくらを買(か)いに Going to Buy a Pillow




Q1. Who did I go shopping with?

A) Alone.

B) With a friend.

C) With my husband.

D) With my children.

Q2. What did my husband buy at the department store?

A) A new book.

B) A new pillow.

C) A pair of shoes.

D) A new watch.

Q3. Why did my husband cancel his previous pillow order online?

A) He found a better price at John Lewis.

B) He didn't like the pillow much.

C) The reviews were not good.

D) The delivery would take four weeks.

Q4. What is my opinion on buying pillows?

A) It's better to buy them online.

B) It's best to wait for a sale.

C) It's preferable to see them in a store.

D) It doesn't matter where you buy them from.

Q5. What type of pillow is recommended for someone who sleeps on their side, according to the department store?

A) A soft pillow.

B) A hard pillow.

C) A medium-firm pillow.

D) Any type of pillow will do.

Q6. What approach did my husband take to choose a new pillow?

A) He chose the first one he saw.

B) He touched each one to carefully.

C) He asked staff for advice.

D) He let me choose for him.

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