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みそをつくりました Homemade Miso





Q1. The writer drinks miso soup every day and made miso at home on a ________.

A) Monday

B) Saturday

C) Sunday

D) Friday

Q2. To make miso, the ingredients required are soybeans, salt, and _______.

A) Sugar

B) Koji mould

C) Vinegar

D) Yeast fungus

Q3. Why did the writer living in the UK make miso for the first time?

A) She did not like the miso available for purchase in the UK.

B) Her friend was making it and recommended it.

C) She wanted to try something new during their life in the UK.

D) She received a homemade miso kit from their Japanese family.

Q4. In the miso-making process, when the traditional preservative was not available, what was used instead?

A) Vodka

B) Whiskey

C) Beer

D) Rum

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