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アイスコーヒーを父の日(ちちのひ)にIced Coffee for Father's Day




QUIZ - Let's fill in the spaces (1)-(8)!

The third Sunday in June is Father's Day. I gave my father a gift yesterday. I sent him a set of (1)______________.

My father likes coffee. It is hot in summer in Japan, so iced coffee is nice.

At first I thought I could easily buy it online. But there are many different types of iced coffee. Black, with milk, latte, with (2)_________, without (2)_________, etc. There are so many brands, it was hard to choose.

When I realised I had been researching for about (3)_________. I wanted to buy coffee in an environmentally friendly unlabelled PET bottle or in a (4)_________, but they only had large 1-litre sizes, so I didn't buy them. I ended up with a set of 24 bottles of coffee in 500 ml PET bottles, (5)_________ type.

Despite giving it a great deal of thought, I became less and less confident after the shopping was done. Coffee can be bought from (6)_________ and (7)_________in Japan, and 24 bottles might have been too many. Dad, be careful not to hurt your(8)_________when you pick up the box!

Hints for the Quiz






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