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Notebooks and Pencils

Nice to meet you

Welcome to my website.

I am a Japanese language tutor based in the UK.
I offer two types of Japanese lessons.

NIHONGOSCHOOL -  Courses for teenagers on Saturdays.
Private Lessons -  Personalised tuition for adults on weekdays.

If you are interested in learning Japanese, please get in touch!
Kazue Ono

Contents of this website

Find out about Japanese courses for young people, how to study for GCSE or equivalent and recommended resources for studying on your own.

Information on my online lesson, fees and availability.

Whether you are an experienced learner or just starting out, we can work together to find an approach that suits you. 

Graded-easy-Japanese blog from the UK, suitable for Starter, Beginner and Intermediate learners. Enjoy the posts about everyday life. Audio and podcasts available.

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