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Online Japanese Lesson


My name is Kazue Ono

I am a native Japanese speaker, originally from Tokyo and have been living in the UK since 2007. I am currently providing online private lessons to around 10 adult students.

  • Japanese language instructor since 2013

  • Certificate in Teaching Japanese

  • Japanese language lecturer at a university from 2013 to 2022

  • Private online lesson

I am friendly, patient, and dedicated to providing fun and engaging lessons. Let's start a journey of learning Japanese with me!

Private Lesson Menu

Here are some examples of what I can offer.

These options can be combined and tailored to create lesson plans.

Whether you are an experienced learner or just starting out, we can work together to find an approach that suits you. 

Genki Japanese textbook

Beginner and Intermediate Lesson

JLPT Practice

Provide well-structured lessons using a textboook such as Genki, Marugoto, Minna no Nihongo etc. at your request.

Image by Daniel Jensen

Reading Japanese Books

Learning Culture

Take Japanese reading materials suitable for your level. It's fun to learn the language by immersing yourself in Japanese life, culture, and history.

Coffee with Stroopwafel

Conversation Practice

All Levels

Build up speaking skills through small steps. Practice for those who want to speak to Japanese family members, colleagues and friends.

Image by Korie Cull

Travel Japanese

Discover practical Japanese for travel. Learn basic phrases and customs to make your trip more enjoyable.

Yellow Flowers

Vocabulary, Grammar, Kanji

Fun and interactive learning with personalized exercises. 

Provide support for Kanji beginners and enhance the learning experience.


Writing Practice

Reinforce your language skills in a fun and refreshing way, while exploring expressions through journaling and discussing favourite topics.

Fees and Availability

Available on Monday and Thursday 9 am -12 pm and Wednesday 12-3 pm.

I am afraid the evening slots are currently full and I am not available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Please contact me and book a free consultation!

60 minutes


Most popular option

Group discount is available

50 minutes


Suitable for lunch time lesson

30 minutes


Suitable for conversation practice

“Lessons are always fun despite Japanese being a tough language to learn which makes it enjoyable time lessons that our whole class looks forward to every week! She has also always been there with a quick reply to any questions. While online classes can sometimes be awkward, I have never felt that in this class and I gained confidence in participating.."

University student

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